​​2001 Document Management System

2002 Philosophy Statement Disclaimer and Authority

2007 Trauma Hospital Data Elements

2010 Medical Advisory Committee

2020 Operational Advisory Committee

2026 Trauma Review Committee

2030 Advanced Life Support Inventories​

2032 Controlled Substance

2033 Determination of Death

2036 Medical Scene Authority

2039 Physician and/or Registered Nurse at the scene

2050 Direct Admit Patient Transports

2055 On-Viewing Medical Emergencies by ALS and BLS Providers

2060 Hospital Services

2080 EMS Organ Donor Information

2085 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

2101 Pa​​tient Initiated Refusal of EMS Assessment, Treatment and/or Transport

2103 Off Duty Provision of ALS by Sacramento County Accredited Paramedics

2200 Medical Oversight

2220 EMT Scope of Practice

2221 Paramedic Scope of Practice

2223 Paramedic Scope of Practice Utilization

2305 EMS Patient Care Report- Completion and Distribution

2500 EMS Aircraft Designation Requirements

2501 Emergency Medical Dispatch Priority Reference System (EMD PRS)

2510 Designation Requirements for Ground Based ALS Service Providers

2511 Infectious Disease Ambulance Response Team (IDART)

2512 Designation Requirements for Administration of Naloxone by Law Enforcement First Responders

2520 Hospital Emergency Service Downgrade or Closure Impact Evaluation Report

2521 Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) Data Collection and Reporting​

2522 Electronic Health Care Record and Data Policy

2523 Administration of Naloxone by Law Enforcement First Responders

2524 Extended Ambulance Patient Off-Load Times (APOT)​

2525 EMS Radio Report Format