​ Our Mission

Mission and Values

  • We deliver health, social, and mental health services to the Sacramento community.
  • We direct resources toward creative strategies and programs which prevent problems, improve well-being, and increase access to services for individuals and families.
  • To further our mission, we seek close working relationships among staff, with other government offices, and within the community.

 To pursue this mission, we will strive:

  • To understand that the Department of Health Services exists to serve the people of Sacramento County.
  • To develop and maintain programs which reflect community diversity and are the most responsive and cost effective.
  • To value County staff by treating them with dignity, respect, and fairness and by promoting their safety and welfare.
  • To appreciate the multicultural and experiential diversity of employees and the community as a whole.
  • To enable employees to perform to their fullest potential by providing the necessary resources to accomplish objectives.
  • To create a service environment which removes obstacles, promotes innovation, and maximizes productivity.
  • To build a cohesive team committed to integrity, honesty, creativity, humor, competence, accountability, and communication.
  • To plan for inevitable change.

What is an Ombudsman?
Sacramento County Department of Health Services (DHS) Ombudsman is a neutral party who helps to resolve complaints or answer questions about Health Services agency policies or practices.

How can I file a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman?
For the quickest response please contact our office by phone or e-mail. You may also submit a complaint in writing. Simply download the complaint form, complete and mail to:

DHS, Ombudsman Program
7001 A East Parkway
Sacramento, CA 95823
Telephone: (916) 875-2000                 
Fax: (916) 875-1283
E-mail: HHS-Ombudsman@saccounty.net

More Info: File Compliant